AE 127

Volume 22, Issue 127, Sep/Oct 2021


An Edwardian Virtual Tour of Egypt

Charlotte Booth takes us on an illustrated armchair visit using stereographic images.

Kings from Kush

Robert G. Morkot explains the problems with establishing the order of succession of Egypt’s Twenty-fifth Dynasty pharaohs.

Pride of Place in Pharaoh’s Parade

Jerikay Gayle investigates the art of depicting exotic animals in Egyptian tribute processions.

Gebel el-Silsila Through the Ages

Maria Nilsson and John Ward describe the Roman epigraphy at the quarry site.

Highlights of Manchester Museum

The significance of some decorated hippopotamus-ivory tusks is described by Campbell Price.

Mummy Mummy!

Wojciech Ejsmond, Marzena OżarekSzilke, Marcin Jaworski and Stanisław Szilke present their discovery of the first pregnant ancient Egyptian mummy to be identified.

The Cave of the Swimmers and the Cave of the Beasts

The prehistoric rock art of the Gilf Kebir is described by Julian Maxwell Heath.

Per Mesut: for Younger Readers

Hilary Wilson tells us about the significance of Running in ancient Egypt.

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