AE 132

Volume 22, Issue 132


The Tomb of Maiherpri

Dylan Bickerstaffe describes the discovery and documentation of KV36 and assesses what we know about its owner.

The Jews of Alexandria: Part 1

The first of two articles by Michael Tunnicliffe exploring the lives and times of the Jewish populations of Alexandria and elsewhere in Egypt during the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods.

Egypt in Warsaw

Wojciech Ejsmond selects highlights from the objects in the recently reopened Ancient Arts Gallery at the National Museum of Warsaw.

The Pomegranate in Ancient Egypt

Barbara Gai explores the medicinal and symbolic significance of this tasty fruit.

Highlights of Manchester Museum

Campbell Price explains how the images on a relief block spell out the name of Hatshepsut.

Malaria in Ancient Egypt

The evidence for the presence of this debilitating illness is examined by Ira Rampil.

The Great Encloser: the Goddess Nut

The attributes and relationships of the sky goddess are described by Lesley Jackson.

Per Mesut: for Younger Read

Hilary Wilson describes the many uses for Mud.

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