AE 131

Volume 22, Issue 131

Cleopatra VII: Hellenistic queen or Egyptian pharaoh?

Alan B. Lloyd considers whether or not the most famous of the Ptolemies was truly Egyptian.

A Right Petrie Mix Up!

Bryony Renshaw and Alan Hayward correct the mistakes made by Flinders Petrie in identifying the soul houses donated to Macclesfield Museum.

Highlights of Manchester Museum

Campbell Price explains the significance of the small stela of the overseer of works Mery-Ra.

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation

Geoffrey Lenox-Smith visits the new home of the Royal Mummies in Cairo.

Tutankhamun: Excavating the Archive

Daniela Rosenow introduces an exhibition marking the centenary of the discovery of KV62.

The Great Encloser: the Goddess Nut

The attributes and relationships of the sky goddess are described by Lesley Jackson.

Reasons for Retesting the Tutankhamun Family DNA

New tests are proposed by Joseph L. Thimes.

Per Mesut: for Younger Readers

New tests proposed by Hilary Wilson describes ten assorted bottles.

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