AE 126

Volume 21, Issue 126, Jul/Aug 2021

Exeter’s Egyptianised Catacombs

Lou Selene-Sayall recounts the extraordinary tale of the building of these Victorian tombs.

The Collapse of the Kingdom of Meroë

In the third of our series of articles focussing on ancient Nubia, Iwona KozieradzkaOgunmakin offers new insights into the reasons for the fall of third Kushite kingdom.

Nefertari Especially Favoured by Ramesses II

Dylan Bickerstaffe asks why Nefertari achieved greater prominence than any of his other wives.

The Last Temples of Ancient Egypt

Simon Bralee chronicles the religious conflict that surrounded their dissolution.

Highlights of Manchester Museum

Campbell Price describes an offering table with a special meaning.

Inside the Step Pyramid of Djoser

Sean McLachlan takes a tour of the recently re-opened interior chambers.

The Chancellor in Ancient Egypt

Wolfram Grajetzki explores the history of the role and the people who held it.

Per Mesut: for Younger Readers

Hilary Wilson tells us about Meretseger, the snake goddess worshipped by the villagers of Deir el-Medina.

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