AE 134 - Jan / Feb 2023

Warrior Tutankhamun: Fragile Pharaoh no more

In this special anniversary issue celebrating a hundred years since the discovery of KV62, we begin with new evidence that Bob Brier believes will change how we view Egypt’s most famous pharaoh.

The First Resurrection of Tutankhamun

Aidan Dodson looks at the ‘prehistory’ of the king, and how early scholars pieced together the evidence for this obscure king prior to the discovery of his tomb in 1922.

Medicine and healing practices

Rosalie David and Roger Forshaw present a new perspective on healthcare in ancient Egypt.

In Carter’s Footsteps: A Legacy in Epigraphy

Carl Graves explains how Howard Carter’s training as an epigrapher made him ideally suited for the task of investigating the greatest Egyptological discovery of all time.

Daughters of the Nile

A major exhibition Daughters of the Nile: Women and society in ancient Egypt has opened in Madrid (Spain). Its curator, Nacho Ares, invites us on a journey into the past to learn about the role of women in the world of the ancient pharaohs.

Hilary Wilson on... Fish

In this issue, Hilary Wilson looks at how this major source of protein was shared among the ancient Egyptian population, and asks “Who ate all the fish?

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